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Freshen Up Your Space: DIY Concrete Planters and Home Decor Accents

Updated: Jan 28

Imagine me, completely hooked on the art of making home decor and planters from concrete. It's become more than a hobby; it's a passion, a creative outlet that fills my days and transforms my living space. I'm not just sticking to the traditional gray either; I've been experimenting with natural tones, pure whites, and deep charcoal, each adding its own unique character to my creations.

Bring Your Home Alive with DIY Concrete Planters and Home Accents
Bring Your Home Alive with DIY Concrete Planters and Home Accents

My journey into concrete decor began almost accidentally, but it quickly evolved into a fulfilling obsession. I love how this industrial material can be transformed into elegant, functional decor. With each project, I've been shaping and moulding concrete into lovely pieces that reflect my style and add a modern twist to my home.

I'm constantly on the lookout for new ideas and inspirations. Whether it's from a stroll through a local craft market, exploring online DIY blogs, or exchanging ideas with fellow enthusiasts, I'm always eager to find that spark for my next project. The excitement lies in the challenge – what unique technique can I try next? What new design can I bring to life?

In sharing my experiences, I'm excited to present a curated list of DIY concrete decor projects I discovered online. These ideas are more than just instructions; they're a source of inspiration for anyone looking to infuse their home with a touch of modern, handcrafted elegance. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a curious beginner, these projects are designed to ignite your creativity and help you transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary home accents.

Bring Your Home Alive with DIY Concrete Planters and Home Accents: here are10 standout projects that have captivated me and might just inspire your next home decor endeavour:

  1. Concrete and Wood Geometric Pendant Light Trio: This modern and stylish lighting option combines wood and concrete, making it a striking addition to any space (Source: PlatoDesign).

  2. DIY Concrete and Wood Coffee Tables: A different options with a perfect blend of industrial and warm elements (Source: Decoist).

  3. Stylish DIY Concrete Vases and Planters: Durable and versatile, these concrete planters can be customized with colors and metallic accents (Source: Decoist).

  4. Round Hanging Cement Table: A modern and unexpected concrete table that hangs, adding a unique touch (Source: The Merry Thought).

  5. Concrete Doorstop: A rustic-looking concrete doorstop made by upcycling a garden fork, fitting for farmhouse decor (Source: NordicHouse).

  6. Bucket Stool: A budget-friendly and stylish DIY seating option using wooden dowels, concrete, and a bucket (Source: Instructables).

  7. Lace Embossed Cement Votive Candles: Small cement candle votives with embossed lace print, combining industrial and feminine styles (Source: SayYes).

  8. Concrete Honey Bear Bottle: A whimsical concrete decor piece made from an everyday item (Source: ThePaperMama).

  9. DIY Concrete Gem Mini Planters: These versatile concrete planters are suitable as tealight holders, decorative bowls, or mini planters (Source: TheProperBlog).

  10. Concrete Glass Vase: Create an industrial-meets-modern concrete vase ideal for plant propagation or flower display (Source: Spirit).

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